10 Reasons Why! Go Flapless, Bladeless If..

1. You are afraid of cutting your cornea.

2. You do not want to suffer from flap complications

3. Your cornea is too thin and you have been rejected from LASIK.

4. You have very high myopia and/or astigmatism.

5. You want to preserve your cornea structure and strength by preventing cornea weakening as much as possible.

6. You want to be able to rub your eyes without fear of dislodging the cornea flap.

7. You cannot wear spectacles or contact lenses for occupational reasons. e.g. fireman, airlines cabin crew, military personnel.

8. You do not want to have LASIK-induced dry eyes.

9. You want to preserve precious cornea tissue for possible upgrade procedures in the future as your eyes age.

10. You are an active sportsperson and want to go about your sporting or travelling pursuits freely without fear of flap dislodgement.