Getting a Clear Vision

Laser Vision Correction

Clear vision is undoubtedly something that we, those who are short- sighted, wish we could regain once more. Just imagine the endless possibilities we could have if only we weren’t burdened with our spectacles and contact lenses!

If only we could wake up fresh in the mornings without fumbling for our glasses to read the time on our alarm clocks. If only we could go about our sporting activities or travelling pursuits with absolute freedom…

Yet regaining clear vision is no longer just a wistful dream with all the technological advances we have today. We now have a choice to opt for laser vision correction with greater safety and accuracy and become free of our dependence on spectacles and contacts. is set up by Dr Tony Ho to provide a one-stop information portal on laser vision correction procedures. Recent technological advances in laser vision correction has enabled various methods to be developed that can safely and effectively correct your myopia, astigmatism or far-sightnedness. However, this has in turn inadvertently brought about more confusion! Which procedure should I go for? How do they work? What are the risks and advantages of each technique? To date, information is scattered and confusing to the un-initiated. This booklet and its accompanying website hope to address these issues and provide a guide to help everyone make a more informed decision on a lifestyle changing medical procedure. Call us at 6100 2211 or email us at and we’ll be happy to answer all your queries.